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So a lot of people I know are starting blogs to go along with their sites and other digital content. I guess this is my attempt to do something the same. Here I intend to discuss anything including photography, events I’ve attended and a few product reviews. Whilst I usually write with a serious tone this is going to be a more relaxed style with it being an informal website (That’s the idea anyway 🙂 ) Here is a little introduction to what I do.

In my spare time:

That is my showreel for my media company DW Media, I’m currently doing more charity based stuff in my spare time at the moment working with Beach Hut Media Group and the Blyth Development Trust on websites and other online content.

In my spare time, I also have an interest in presenting on stage at events and have done at St James Park, Blyth Tall Ships 2017 and Blyth Christmas Market 2016. This year (2017) I’m back at Blyth Christmas Market presenting on stage with my good friend Brandon Ferson. Stay tuned for more on that one…..

Radio Show:

Me and Brandon have a radio show that is Live each Sunday from 4pm – 6pm. We are still not sure what is in the show as we never really plan it… We have a good chat and a laugh whilst also playing some great music. You can listen to our show here: https://tunein.com/radio/Beach-Hut-Radio-s258321/

My Day Job:

Like many other people on Earth I have a day job, I do Digital Marketing at a company in North Shields. Its a pretty good job and I enjoy it, what more could you want?

Music Taste:

Music taste… Gotta be careful what I say here…. Definitely not Coldplay! Kasabian is obviously the best some other honourable mentions can be found in this: https://open.spotify.com/user/danwilkie29/playlist/333aLGDxgXKZTZvD5ycl2s


The question that people always want to ask is “Do you go to uni” or “Did you got to uni” well…. No. I did GCSE Geography, IT and Business then went on to do Creative Media Production at Newcastle College and then TV and Film at Gateshead College.

Other things:

Where to start… I have a lot of animals at home here are a few:

I get asked repeated questions at events or online, here are the most common:

What camera do you use? Canon 700d and Canon 60d

What audio gear? I use Rode Video Mics along with Rode Link wireless system and NTG-1 Microphones

How old are you? 18

Where do you live? Just outside of Newcastle in the UK

Social Networks:

I have a lot of websites and social media accounts so here are the main ones where I’ll be keeping people up to date with things.



YouTube – DW Media

YouTube – Personal

DW Media


If you want to find out more about my life (Which really isn’t that interesting…) check out my social media and stay up to date on my blog.

18 / Videographer / Radio Host / Newcastle

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