My year in review

So its the end of the year now and its gone quite fast! There has been so much stuff going on this year from finishing college to starting full-time work and much more! I thought id run through the year and look back at some of the best parts and top it off with something cringy at the end of the post like “New year new me” which as a statement I don’t agree with but let’s not get into that just yet…

So this time last year I was down in Manchester dressed as an American footballer, which is something not many people can say! I’ll point out that this was for a New Years party it’s not something I do in my spare time.

But right now I’m planning next year whilst looking back, so here is my year:


In January I kicked off the year with a trailer for content I was going to release, I will admit it was influenced by the Apple advert called “Don’t Blink”  But luckily I don’t think anyone noticed this…. However, I have just told people now so now you know!

January is always a quiet month for me as I am trying to get back into the swing of things. With still being at college as well my time was mostly spent writing essays or making films at college.

The video that got a lot of attention in January had to with one man. Trump. He had announced a visit to the UK and protests were being held all over in main cities across the UK. I was on my way back from college when I walked into this one and stopped to make a short video. This is probably ones of my favourite videos from the year!


This was an interesting month as I and Brandon started out Podcast, weekly we would meet and record just an hour of us talking. All in all, it was an interesting learning curve as any camera I have records for 29 minutes so we had cables everywhere to get the audio right and the camera right. In the podcast, I constantly got up to turn cameras on and off which isn’t the best. But I really enjoyed doing it and it leads us to getting our own radio show (More about that later)

Not much else happened this month other than the odd filming here and there and also weekly driving lessons by a local instructor called Tony Fowler who was great!


Nothing worthy to mention….


In this month quite a bit happened with some press photography and also a wedding shoot in Rothbury. With a few meetings here and there for websites, it was a very busy month. I also did my theory test for driving and passed! Which is always a good start.

I also started filming a short film that was never finished (Need to do that one day….) It had a lot of my friends in from Newcastle College who I hadn’t seen in a while and was i co-wrote it with Jack Golden who is a fantastic comedy writer. Here is a (Failed) clip:


In May I started planning which summer events I would attending and planning those that I’d been asked to attend. I had a lot of meetings about the “Bedlington Picnic” as a member of the community I wanted to be a part of this project and help with the advertising and publicity side of things. The organiser Vic had done a great job the previous year and did a great job on building on that this year!

I also had my birthday that month and bought my laptop that I reviewed here.

At the start of the month, I was given the lucky chance to compare on stage at St James Park stadium in Newcastle for the Children’s University Awards. It was a great night on stage with Colin Briggs from the BBC.


So this was a big month for one reason, I left college and got a full-time job! I was lucky enough to get an internship at a locally based company called Heliguy who sell Quadcopters, Drones and Training. When starting I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I thought but that was soon changed. Heliguy is great, I’ve been there a few months now and enjoy every day of it!

DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera


July was another quiet month, I was doing a few bits here and there. The Bedlington Picnic was on the 1st which was a very successful event that over 3000 people attended. It was a great family day out with the community coming together to host a great event!

This is also the month me and Brandon started our radio show! We now host our show every Sunday from 5-7pm. Would like to say a big thanks to Beach Hut Radio for this opportunity it’s been great so far!


In August I had a lot of time off, I went to York for a week which was great. A lot of days out and some nice places to eat as well.

After that, I was over in Ireland to see my Dad and also Kasabian! Well I say went to see Kasabian but….

I mean the social media fall out was interesting…

And this…

Well, that one went well!


I got to ride a quad bike at a horse event, clearly the best month of the year!

Also a mate made this which is just amazing!


In this month Richie from Beach Hut Radio did his last show as he was moving away, then Newcastle decided to sing ToTo by Africa…..

It was definitely interesting watching the organisers nearly getting arrested…


Kasabian attempt number 2… This time we actually saw them, they were fantastic wasn’t too keen on the support band “Slaves” though and judging by social media others weren’t either.

It was great though!


Well, this is the current month, however, there have been some great highlights from seeing Queen and Adam Lambert to hosting the Blyth Christmas Market that I had done the year before. I and Brandon did this for two days and was our first live on stage thing and went very well!

All in all, it has been a great year and id like to thank everyone who has given me the opportunities to make this year great! Next year is gonna be another great one with lots of stuff planned already.

I’d like to thank everyone who I’ve worked with this year as well you have all been great.

Thanks again and will see you next year.

18 / Videographer / Radio Host / Newcastle

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  1. Thanks for all of your support with the Bedlington Picnic Dan! Your organisational skills have been fantastic and your technical knowledge amazing! You’re a fab person to work with and I hope we can work together again in future.
    It’s been great to read about your adventures for the rest of the year… can’t wait to hear what lies ahead for you in 2018… I know it’s going to be a great year for you!

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