DELL Inspiron 15 5000 15.6″ Gaming Laptop – 8 Months Later


So, the first review…. Here we go! The idea of me buying a gaming laptop was not for gaming at all, but editing. Not many companies will sell an “Editing” laptop so the next best thing is, of course, a “Gaming” one. In this review, i will go over what I use it for and how it performs whilst also looking at the pro’s and con’s of the laptop as well.

For as long as I can remember I have had older laptops passed down from parents and even my granny, Christmas 2015 rolls around and I get my first laptop! To speed this part of the story up I broke that one got it fixed then broke it then got a spare off my granny. This one wasn’t the best at exporting video from Premiere Pro however it did a decent job of what I was using it for. It was about time I got a new one, I did some research and found the Dell Inspiron 15 5000. I bought it from Currys and PC World from a saleswoman who tried to sell me everything to go with it… Event a toaster at one point! But finally, it was mine!

In the box:

The box is well, just a box. In it were an instruction manual, charger, laptop (Obviously) and some other paperwork. Buying from Currys was a bit of a mistake as they gave me false information about Microsoft office saying you needed to buy a second licence as the current one wasn’t transferable…. Welllll it was! Luckily I didn’t buy it.

First Impressions:

When first looking at this laptop I thought it was too big at first, the typing felt a bit weird but these were something you have to get used to. I love the backlit keyboard is great for typing in the dark at 2am… Not that I do that…

The laptop feels premium with a matte finish over the back and keyboard. The keys are soft and easy to type on once you get used to it. Another feature that is thought out is the charger, it has a little-LED ring around the end that lights up blue so you can see the end of the charger in the dark.

Speed & Performance:

Speed is key for any laptop, especially gaming/editing ones. The DELL Inspiron 15 5000 packs a punch with a Quad-Core Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and 8GB Ram. The laptop performs really well, on the basis I never turn it off it does very well to always be on the ball. There have been a few occasions where there has been some lag but that was completely my fault with 4 chrome tabs open all with different accounts and premiere pro and photoshop all at once. There is also a noticeable drop in speed when exporting projects from Premiere pro but overall the laptop has a great performance.

Ports & Connectivity:

One thing I love is the fact it has plenty of USB ports. My previous one only had 2 which definitely wasn’t enough for data management from multiple hard drives. This has 3 which is adequate however I’ve found that I’ve made use of a USB switch every so often. I also appreciate the ethernet port and HDMI port as this is great for being in the office. These are features you cant get on a Mac without adapters.

One thing that does annoy me is there is no Mic in and separate Headphone out. I record a lot of onsite audio and enjoyed the fact I could have the audio going in but also playing on some speakers. This would be useful for voice over artists to be able to hear what they recorded through a headset.

Of course, a big bonus is the SD card slot. As a photographer and videographer this is essential and what more could I say than yup it there and yes it works!

Look and Feel:

The fact is this laptop looks amazing! The vents are not only useful but very striking, they just work! The red on black design looks great and always gets a few looks when you have it out at a meeting. However, there is one problem, the Matte finish. I love matte finishes they feel professional and work well however they collect dust and fingerprints which is the most annoying thing ever. I’ve also found that matte is easier to scratch or mark in comparison to aluminum and plastic.

Although on the heavy side the laptop isn’t overly weighty, I normally carry it on my back and it doesn’t really bother me at all. The laptop has a very professional finish and although made from plastic it feels premium so definitely worth the price on that one!


There are a lot of positive features with this laptop including the little things like the backlit keyboard and the battery life which is surprisingly long for a laptop like this! Another reason it’s it fast, I can run premiere pro on it with no problems at all.


The big one is the weight, it is a heavy laptop! This is definitely not a reason not to go for this laptop. The other is the matte finish. I hate matte finishes, you can scratch them and damage them so easily they are also a magnet for fingerprints. (I have the same issue with the Mophie Juice cases)

In Conclusion

This laptop is great for traveling content creators, it has some great features that I love. The only downsides are the weight of the thing! But honestly, I would buy it again any day! Great piece of kit for all users.

18 / Videographer / Radio Host / Newcastle

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